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Blind Dating

Often I compare house hunting to dating and I find it amusing how people can relate to this analogy.

Think of it like this:

When you receive the list of homes, you have to weed out the bad ones. But think what if I remove one and it’s actually a good one…..(kind of like a speed dating process).

You choose five good listings. (5 good candidate’s worthy of dating).

Going to see a new home is like a blind date. What do I wear? Will it be hot? Will it rain? Is there parking? Who will be there? I hope they’re nice. I hope the house is nice. (same questions when you’re going to a speed dating event).

You pull up to the first home and say ‘WOW! This must be the one’. It has a perfectly manicured lawn and freshly painted exterior (blind date is nicely dressed & has a fresh haircut).

Then you enter and ‘Wow! What a disaster!’ The house is filthy, horrible layout, 4 different tiles, a few efficiencies, the list goes on…. (blind date is vulgar, dumb, ignorant, etc.)

This is my ‘pretty on the outside, ugly on inside date.’

Then you have the opposite ‘ugly on the outside, pretty on the inside.’

Ugly yard and not recently updated exterior but spotless interior with a wonderful layout. (blind date isn’t wearing the freshly pressed outfit, no new hairdo but is funny, caring and compassionate).

The ‘you never know’ is when the house is in good condition outside and wonderful condition inside. This is a mixture of the previous 2 scenarios but is the one with most potential a/k/a KEEPER! (blind date that you give the chance and date and then marry).

PS – I’ve never been on a blind date but have seen plenty of movies to think I know how it works :)

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