Ana B, Homebuyer

Floridian First Realty helped me make my dream of buying a home in Miami Beach

a reality. I still dream about it at night and when I wake up in the morning it is reality. Michelle Gonzalez was my broker and she gave me realistic tips about the market and how to make an offer that would be acceptable to today's market. She was honest and honored every oral agreement we had and I was able to make an offer that locked me in exclusively. Her assistant Brianna Monzon is very extremely polite and kind and always came on time to every appointment needed at the location and responded to multiple e-mails and phone calls in a very timely fashion. She made phone calls on my behalf and helped me surf through requesting multiple documents needed for the purchase. She was always sweet and made everyone involved feel comfortable and welcome. And she took great pictures as needed. Michelle Gonzalez was a fantastic guidance who knew the answers to every possible question; has great tips and contacts in the field as needed; and is generous with her rolodex; and was able to foresee and prevent any errors or omissions. She knew how to expedite the process avoiding unnecessary meetings and steps and knew how to protect every party involved in the process. She works great with others including all legal and paralegal staff and knows the ins and outs of the real-estate contracts well. She was always on call including week-ends. Although there is a lot of pressure in purchasing a property and time was of essence; also due to the terms of a binding contract; Floridian First Realty was very flexible and accommodating to all situations and very diplomatic in conciliating all interests. Both Michelle Gonzalez and Brianna Monzon are very charming, charismatic and beautiful; and have helped me in this process and have left me with a lasting impression.


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