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Who’s replacing Whole Food’s in Pinecrest?

Last December, it was announced that the Whole Foods located at 11701 South Dixie Highway was going to close their doors on January 7th, but only for a couple of days until they moved to a new spot at 7930 SW 104th Street. It was an exciting grand opening event and are now fully operational at their build-to-suit space next to Target (Yayyyy!!).

The big question is: what’s going to replace the old Whole Foods store in Pinecrest Plaza? A lot of people speculated saying that maybe it was a new Trader Joe’s or a Fresh Market. Even Aldi was considered to be the replacement. The truth is that they were all WRONG! The space is being replaced by Milam’s Market.

This new store is planning to open their doors during the summer of 2018. This is very exciting since the closest Milam’s to the Village of Pinecrest right now is located at 5767 Bird Rd (a 20 minute drive away), but NOT ANYMORE (Yayyyy!!)! Now Pinecrest will have their own Milam’s Market.

For more information, check this article in the following link:

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