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Floridian Foodie for Life

Floridian Foodie was born out of a unique combination of passion and opportunity. My love for good food dates back to my childhood, remembering my affinity for delicious meals, specifically pastelitos de guayaba (guava pastries). Fast forward to the rebranding phase of our real estate company, I was asked about my real estate specialty. While reflecting on my interests, I realized my enjoyment of real estate and the culinary world which led me to the marriage of my career as a restaurant retail broker representing restaurants as they expand their footprint into new neighborhoods.

After conducting some research on the career path, I canvassed a fast-casual restaurant that I frequented. Coincidentally, the manager/owner gave me an opportunity to work with them. As the restaurant brand was expanding, we toured various locations, spending a significant amount of time in the car discussing different topics. One recurring topic was food—where I had recently eaten, my favorite restaurants, favorite dishes, etc..

Through my interactions with restaurant owners and clients, with became apparent that these restaurateurs valued my opinions and dining experience and recommendations. They started seeking my advice on where to take their loved ones for special occasions or family visits. This realization sparked the idea of creating Floridian Foodie, a platform where I could share my restaurant recommendations and highlight both new and old culinary gems.

With my background as a real estate broker, I bring a professional work ethic to food-related endeavors and aim to provide not only great restaurant recommendations but also a professional and ethical source for my clients. Through my Instagram account @floridian.foodie, I invite you to follow my journey, and recommendations revolving around the exciting world of food.

Floridian Foodie is a collage of flavors, reflecting personal experiences and showcasing the diverse culinary offerings not just in Florida, but around the world. By combining my passions for real estate and food, I have created a unique niche for myself and established a platform where others can turn for culinary inspiration.

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