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Michelle Gonzalez Proudly Represents Diversification at FIU PowerUp Summit

A couple of weeks ago, on International Women’s day (March 8th), the FIU PowerUp Summit took place at the Hilton hotel in Downtown Miami. Michelle Gonzalez took part in the event as one of the speakers of the “How to Swim with the Sharks” panel and she proudly represented Floridian First Realty.

The main highlights of this panel were about opportunities, challenges and advantages of working in non-diverse industries. She spoke about her experience as broker and owner of Floridian First Realty, some real life success stories and how overcoming adverse situations through tips to just “keep swimming.”

The FIU PowerUp Summit is a leadership event that was “created for women by women,” dedicated to highlight influential, encouraging and powerful professionals in different industries. It’s also an opportunity to get amazing connections and a lot of inspiration from great speakers and their journeys.

We are very proud of Michelle because she is the perfect example of how important hard work, dedication and success is. There is no better representation of a strong woman than her, in our opinion. Congratulations on this participation!

Floridian First Realty is a small business, Hispanic & Woman Owned business in Coral Gables specializing in commercial & residential sales & leasing.

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