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We Found The Perfect Site For Beto Perez’s City Zero

Mixing dance, fitness weight training, a recording studio, a healthy café, & rooftop terrace all in one location is not an easy task, but that didn’t stop Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba ®, from creating City Zero.

For such a wonderful concept, the development plan needed to be perfectly structured. Here’s where Floridian First Realty enters! Closing a deal in 2015, we succeeded to find the perfect place for City Zero, a place that satisfies Perez' needs for his great idea. It will be located in the East Little Havana/West Brickell area, 591 SW 8th St, Miami.

In order to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences, it will have three different floors, with space perfect for working out or dancing, space for recording and space for relaxing with a great view of the Calle 8 Carnaval.

This beautiful structure, designed by Permuy Architecture and still under construction by The Padron Group, will be a state of the art home to all things DANCE & MUSIC. The ground floor incorporates a new French dance floor technology never used or seen before in the United States. The revolutionary sound system is customized by avant garde Funk-tion One, which fulfills Liv, Eleven and industries worldwide with their intense pulsations!

The second floor will have weight training and alternative fitness options, all in an environment designed to give you a great time while you exercise. City Zero will be equipped with cardio and weight machines to help you tone up or slim down!

And in keeping with Beto Perez' always unique concepts, the upper levels will provide services and opportunities like no other gym. The third floor will be home to Beast Nation Recording Studios with cutting edge recording technology, and the rooftop will be set up as a space to relax, take in the great views, perfect to rent for a social or corporate event.

Finally, the parking lots will be designed across the street for convenience (deal closed in 2016). This beautiful building will open in 2020, so save the date and be sure to stop in once it opens!

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