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A Collective of Hand Picked Real Estate Niche Specialists

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Searching for a professional and qualified real estate agent to help you sell or purchase your next property is a tireless task. There are thousands of agents in the market but you can’t seem to pin point the one that will work best and most efficiently for you and your property.

The service and professionalism you will receive when working with our qualified Team of Specialists is unparalleled. We offer Easy Exit Listings which allow sellers shorter sale time frames without curbing expertise and marketing effectiveness.

As a valued benefit, a portion of all our earned commissions are donated to local neighborhood non-profit organizations. As our number one priority, our all-encompassing Team of Specialists are here to assist you, the client.

At Floridian First Realty, you are strategically teamed with a specialist that will help and guide you in countless ways. Michelle Gonzalez, our broker and native Miamian, has a Master’s Degree in International Real Estate and over 20 years of real estate experience listing and selling over 1,400 properties. Our team of agents are focused to help you during this process through their extensive educational background, local knowledge, patience, service, trust and professionalism in selling or locating your unique property.

Here are the benefits of working with a specialist:

  1. Faster Buying and Selling:

With a specialist, the experience and network their network allows for faster real estate transactions.

  1. Less Back and Forth with an Agent:

​By specializing, an agent doesn't have to spend time researching a new market. This means we can get right to work.

  1. You’ll Feel Like an Expert When We’re Done:

Since you're dealing with a specialist, we'll share our thought process the entire way. A well informed buyer/seller what's everything easier and faster.

Our specialists are ready to lead you in their areas of mastery. The following serves as a great guide to determine which specialist may be the right fit for you based on their expertise.


Below are specialty categories within our Luxury department by area:

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove

Miami Beach Luxury Residential Condo Market

Glenvar Heights and Gables by The Sea



Below are specialty categories within our Residential department that come up again and again in our client inquiries:

First Time Home Buying and Property Management

Broward County Residential Specialist

Relocation and West Miami/Central Miami

Asian Market

Veteran’s Residential

Palmetto Bay or Cutler Bay

Kendall Area

Coral Gables



Below are specialty categories within our Commercial department that come up again and again in our client inquiries:

Restaurant and Retail

Land Acquisition and New Construction Developments

East of I-95 Area

Office Leases




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