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Buying Home Tips

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Deciding to buy a home was a big decision for our family as it is for most buyers. Our current home is a transitional home and the journey as buyer’s started around a year ago. We had been undecisive and COVID changed the rules of buying. Housing demand and showings made things more complicated. Many seller’s stopped showing homes and others are still stalling on their decision, afraid of the unforeseen future. Currently, we all know interest rates have not been this low since the 70’s. Therefore, there is a lot of demand regardless of the pandemic.

Buyers are out there hunting because of one factor that affects buying; interest rate. Rates depict how much you will end up paying monthly. It is even believed that in most cases, it is better to pay higher prices for a home than a higher rate. This is the key factor for the market we are in.

In addition, you add low inventory and the current shifting of migration to Florida and we have the perfect combo to our current market. We became patiently aggressive. I like to use this term after realizing the market is not going to slow down in the area we had interest. I searched diligently and negotiated our offer to get results. As a result, I am going to let you in on my secret as a buyer in this hot real estate market.

#1-View the property ASAP. Do not miss the opportunity on someone else beating you to the first offer.

#2-Be qualified. This is different than just a prequalification. Sellers will see that you are a few steps ahead from the rest.

#3-Make your offer with attractive terms such as down payment and closing time. This will be different for every buyer and seller. Ask questions to the listing agent before presenting; the more information the better. Example: if the seller needs more time to close or needs to sell quickly. Are there any other offers being presented? What is the net price for the seller? Sometimes the seller may authorize the agent to disclose.

#4- Do not overbid if the value is not there or you do not have the funds to pay the difference between your offer and what the bank will give you. This will only waste everyone’s time and your money on inspections, appraisal, etc. You may have buyers regret once you close.

#5- Lastly, you can start your search online, but I strongly recommend hiring a Realtor that has local experience, is ethical, and above average negotiation skills. This is essential in order to be represented efficiently on your investment.

While executing on all or some of these steps may not guarantee your offer, it will bring you closer to being “Under Contract”. I have been licensed for over 18 years and can tell you a phrase we often use, “The more bids placed the closer you are to buying.” Therefore, do not give up or settle. If you are determined, keep searching and you will find. We found our nest and feel extremely fortunate and excited to start our next chapter.

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