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Floridian First Gives Back

Instead of the doom and gloom daily bite, I’m hoping you can join the FFR Team in our recently implemented spreading gratitude initiative #floridianfirstgivesback.

As my grandfather taught me, reading is culture and culture is knowledge. So, during this new quarantine norm, I fervently continue sharpening my reading and listening skills through new and old education channels regarding the current pandemic and state of the market. But between my education time, working with clients, strategizing, listening to news, dealing with teenagers and the non-stop cooking and cleaning chores, I felt the need to positively impact our society somehow. That same evening, I figured out how to combine my love of giving back to our community, helping the shattered restaurant industry as well as the first responders fighting for our health and safety on a daily basis. All I needed was one yes from a client to partner with us for the idea to come to fruition.

My simple plan was to place a catering order with my clients’ restaurants, ask they match or increase the order then deliver to local hospitals as our combined token of gratitude. The assumption was to help my clients’ restaurant with a new order then we could simultaneously thank the first responders. Amazingly, every single restaurant and bakery I’ve asked to partner with has instantly responded with a big YES. Yesterday, CAO Bakery partnered with us and delivered delicious pastelitos, croquetas and café con leche to the Emergency Room at Coral Gables Hospital. The simple joy and smiles the staff shared were so sincere and heartwarming. See for yourself on our IG and FB pages (@floridianfirstrealty). Continuing this week and going forward we will be partnering with Midnight Cookies N’ Cream, La Boulangerie, Amaize, Burbowl, Cindy Lou’s Cookies and a few other fantastic restaurants delivering directly to our first responders with a simple (and tasty) THANK YOU.

Right now, it’s our civic duty to stay home and flatten the curve but it doesn’t mean we disconnect from the world. Find a way to give back to your community’s first responders or if you would like to partner with us in giving back, please call, text or email us to connect you with participating restaurants and hospital personnel. All deliveries are completed respecting social distancing guidelines ensuring the safety of the delivery person and hospital patients and staff.

Let’s be thankful, be careful and be safe…..we have a world to save!

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