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Updated: May 21, 2020

It is true we are facing a difficult situation right now; but this too shall pass, hard times don’t last forever. We want to help you prepare to what comes after. Every one needs to eat and this will always be the case. We are offering you the possibility to learn more about food franchising with Rene Prats, an entrepreneurial, innovative executive with 30+ years of extensive food franchising business development experience within highly competitive markets.

If you are looking to move your business to the next level, design a new concept, improve you’re companies bottom line or scale your concept, we are the right company for you with over 30 years of proven experience building and franchising unique conglomerates.

Rene will discuss with you the great opportunities on food franchising:

  • Landlords will be ready to make great deals with tenants in the near future.

  • Conversions are cost effective versus a new build out, which could double your return on investment.

  • Start now and open in Q1 2021 when things will be back to normal.

  • Franchising is a proven American system.

  • Control your own financial future. Working for someone else is volatile and out of your control.

  • There will be lots of Conversions available. Many restaurants will close in the next few weeks, and some will never reopen. This provides a lucrative opportunity to inexpensively convert existing restaurant spaces to your franchise concept at a fraction of the cost, driving up your return on investment.

  • Every difficult situation comes with lots of opportunity.

We also offer opportunity to partner with a brand that will be essential to the restaurant industry after this disruption for $70k-$89k total investment with Gold standard technology and business model.

There are brands for you to pursue but you need an expert to guide you. Our team of experts at Prats Consulting can assist you in all areas of building a successful business and placing you in the right franchise.

We have the brands in our portfolio that will be leaders in the industry of technology and restaurants post Covid19 such as Drive Kindness, Huey Magoos, Sergio’s Cuban, BurBowl, Xochimex Cantina Grill, Dog Hotels and many more. I invite you to view more details on my website and to book a free call on my calendar below and allow me to help you take advantage of the opportunities in today’s market @ .

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