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Rethinking Life by Surelis Yanes

COVID-19 has presented societal transformation globally. Citizens, companies, and politicians have something distinct to tell where each one is acting in a different way to conform to the demands of COVID-19. Families have been subjected to unmatched agony, which has subjected the majority of them to a tremendous amount of stress. One leading contributor to stress is the finances and isolation from the world. Based on the directives of WHO as well as Federal and State governments, there is the need to exercise social distancing which has prompted the call for people to stay at home, denying them constitutional freedom to interact and move freely. Companies have been brought to a standstill and sadly some have closed, others have remained operational yet cut down their number of employees. As a result, most families do not work, despite the continuous need to feed and carter for other bills financially.

Despite the negatives that have arisen owing to the existence of the COVID-19, positive developments have been witnessed globally. Every person has been given a role to play. By staying at home and limiting contact, helps in minimizing the chances of escalating the spread of the virus. Everyone has been connected in a synergetic environment where most people, irrespective of their faith, social status, race, job, or cultural beliefs have come out to contribute to the society through donations, volunteering, and individual responsibility of keeping social distance and minimizing contacts. Another pertinent observation is that there has been less political activity globally; thus, the increase in peace. There are minimal reports on wars. People have adapted to the norm of trusting each other. The competition between countries, companies, and people has improved and resulted in fair sharing of the limited health priority equipment at the moment.

Therefore, as we adjust to the new norm, which calls for distancing and avoidance of large gatherings until the world is assured that the virus has a vaccine, we are called upon to adjust to working from home and studying virtually. Additionally, we must adhere to new priorities such as family, finances, helping the community and individuals in need. Moreover, we have to rethink our future as individuals, organizations, countries, and nations connected. Ideally, COVID-19 has showcased that people, governments, and organizations can be better prepared by using transparency to avoid bigger downfalls such as in this case in the health industry. It has also shown that teamwork and effective collaboration never lands in vain. In my opinion when a person, government and organization work separately, they can only accomplish so much vs when they work as a team. An example of unity is the way our different states have been working together to tackle this pandemic by sharing information, equipment even health professionals traveling to where they are needed. This unity helps the population avoid certain paths but most important we learn to create safer ways to protect each other by making decisions to cohesively work at saving the maximum amount of lives. Moving forward from COVID-19, united we will be more open to this transparent synergistic way of living whereby all sides win via cooperation and trust.

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