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Top Italian Restaurants in Miami

La vita e bella

Focusing my career on what I like to do best….EAT seemed like a no brainer, so I became a food and beverage real estate broker—assisting restaurateurs into new locations. Born from conversations with clients, chefs, family, and friends, I opened @floridian.foodie, an Instagram blog for sharing my new and old faves with the world. Since going live on IG three years ago, I've reinforced my commitment to my love of food (lol) by steadily growing my audience and palate. Now, it’s time to create my top tier list. Within the coming months, I’ll be sharing the local crème de la crème dining establishments I've visited. However, your assistance and participation is requested; please share your recommendations with me too!

Since my love of Italy is at the core of my very existence (my great-great-grandfather was Italian), I’ll begin the list with my top Italian eateries. In reality, choosing only a few from hundreds of delicious restaurants we’re blessed to have in our neighborhoods is a tough feat.

As we know, Italian dining has many options: pizza, pasta, panini’s, gelato, bakeries, markets, etc. Be sure to check back for these individual lists.

Floridian Foodie’s Top 7 Italian Fine Restaurants:

  1. Fiola

  2. Sapore di Mare

  3. Zucca

  4. Strada In the Grove

  5. Casa Tua Cucina

  6. Pane e Vino

  7. Alloy Bistro

On the radar to visit soon:

  1. Boia De

  2. Carbone

  3. Forta Dei Marmi

  4. Luca Osteria

  5. Like Mike

  6. Via Emilia

Have you visited any of these? Will you visit?

Share your feedback and enjoy!


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