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3 Home Viewing Tips

Buying a home is a big decision, there are so many aspects to take into consideration while searching for the perfect home for you & your family!


One thing you can never change about your home is where it is located. While at an open house or viewing the most important question to ask yourself: Do you like the location of the home?

Factors to consider are:

  • The neighborhood

  • School District

  • Amenities

  • Commutes & Accessibility to highways

  • Restaurants & shopping


If you are not planning on doing any additions or renovations to the home, the floor plans are important to look at. They will give you all the information needed about the home’s structure, layout, and “bones" of the home. So another important question to ask yourself is: Does the size & floor plan work for my family?

Look at:

  • Size & Location of Bedrooms

  • Dimensions for furniture

  • Built in Features

  • Location of Windows & Doors

  • External Buildings, Pool & Driveway

  • Street Orientation

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS Something little potential homeowners forget to take into consideration is: How much will I need to spend on home maintenance & repairs each year? This is a crucial thing to know when figuring out if you can afford the home you are looking to buy.

You should expect to spend about 1 percent of your home price on maintenance costs each year but depending on the repairs this could go up to 4 percent of your home price.

Keep these tips in mind during your next home buying process & contact me if you need help finding your next dream home!

Kevin Gonzalez 305.301.3251 |

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