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A Realtors New Norm

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It's April 3rd and what feels like day 100 of the quarantine. Trump has signed a $2.2 trillion bill that includes relief for small businesses, unemployed workers, public services and more. We're all working from home, performing our duties of this new coined term "Social Distancing." Michelle actually broke it down quite nicely here!

You wake up an hour or two later than usual. Have a large breakfast of eggs, toast and coffee in the comfort of your own dining room. Sipping on your coffee you think, "What does this mean for my job?"

Understandably, it is difficult if not impossible to go on showings, network in person and go to in person meetings, so what then? As discussed in the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce hosted Sandler training “Selling in a Virtual Marketplace” we need to adjust our attitude, revise our behaviors and change our techniques. Presenter Carlos Garrido calls this the "Sandler Success Triangle" We will get through this. All crisis is temporary. Ever heard of a black swan event? It’s a time where things aren't as we "normally" expect them to be. They're typically events that are very rare, have an impeccable impact and are widespread in their consequences. We don't know when this will end or what will happen.

Adapting to the current times, we will have to increase and maintain communication with clients, which I cannot stress enough is key to keep your business afloat. Be there for your client. Help them in anything you can. Us realtors may not be able to go on showings, but we can discuss with your client different important topics like potential interest rates, is it time to refinance? Time to invest? Help explain what is to be expected under the CARE act. How we treat them now, will change how they treat and think of us later. Plant your seed now, let it grow and see how it will flourish.

A few things you can do in the meantime are:

· Make calls (short five minutes is enough) and will help the client feel connected.

· ​Send short emails or texts - FOLLOW UP!

· Attend FREE webinars/take a course - there are so many platforms giving free webinars to keep our education on point! We've all heard of Zoom by now, right? We are actually sending a weekend mail blast with some webinar we will be attending next week that you can join in on!

· On top of work, it is crucial to keep your mind at ease as well. Get up and move around through the day. Take a walk. Take a virtual fitness class (so many are also free during this time.) We post about our favorites on Instagram so make sure to follow us @floridianfirstrealty.

· Do those things around the house that you've been putting off for months.

Think of this as a time to do all the things you were "too busy" to do before. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay sharp.

Happy Social Distancing!

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