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Work from home..Positives and negatives?

Since things are starting to open question has been on everyone's minds. Is it better to work from home? Or go in to the office?

Being in the comfort of your home is said to likely disrupt concentration as it’s easy to uptake household chores, decide to watch that new show you’ve been meaning to check out or try a new recipe of banana bread that you’ve heard is all the rave. Undeniably though, we as an over all population, have had time to switch focus to social media, marketing and other aspects of our business that may have been lacking before. According to RISMedia, 59 percent of REALTORS® are using social media to cultivate business virtually. Virtual tours, Zoom property showings, Google hangouts, forced COMMUNICATION through phone calls. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; have all allowed for "connection in a time of disconnection." All this has increased our technological skills; something that is without a doubt, beneficial. Productivity levels could have leveled out or even dropped but instead this time of pandemic and craziness has caused us to use our minds to hustle, get out of our comfort zones and adapt in order to overcome.

Technology of 2020 has allowed us to become innovative in the ways we WFH (work from home.) It has granted a balance between work and life, which can be so hard to do. The lack of Miami (I’m sure NY and other cities as well) traffic saves some 2.5 hours of commute each day, time that can be used productively dealing with clients, working on transactions, etc. You save money on gas and lunch. USAToday reports, 54% of 18-74 year olds agree that working from home has had a positive effect on their work. "The reasons for this, they said, were time saved from commuting (71%), fewer distractions from co-workers (61%) and fewer meetings (39%)".

With that said...I understand and am a believer in the professional work space. It just works. Getting up in the morning and having a sense of routine. You get dressed (present yourself - what impression do you want to give others?), have your morning coffee (get ready to tackle the day!) and drive to the office (yes, traffic but also a time to think and have quality lonesome time). All this and it's not even 9 AM yet. One could argue that working in the office or allows for time management and punctuality. It's easier when you have one focus and one focus only. There is no TV, no refrigerator, no bed, no chores. How many times did we wake up 10 minutes prior to a zoom meeting? Working from an office allows for the interaction with others, development of team building, networking and so much more.​

There are perks to both but by no means has this quarantine been time to slow down. Am I right?! Is this just my mid-20's mentality or do others agree?

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