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The importance of dressing for success while WFH

Something that has gone under the radar during this pandemic but is so crucial, is the need and ability to dress for success during COVID. You might think, how does anyone want to dress up for zoom meetings? A virtual interview? Online school? Work from home? According to Forbes, there’s in fact science behind it.

Sure it’s easy to roll out of bed ten minutes earlier, put on a blouse, and jump on the computer. You might think, “Do I have to even get dressed? Can’t I just leave the shirt I wore to sleep?” I’d like to say and am going to say, NO.

We are in unprecedented times, unexpected times and frankly, unusual times. One way to keep the quarantine 15 off or the quarantine blues away, is to bring some type of normalcy or routine back in to our lives. I think the coined term has been, “the new normal.” With it being so easy to do the former and join a virtual meeting with minimal effort, “it takes even more discipline and commitment to stay productive in our new working environments.” (Ahli Moore, Founder and CEO of X Factor Solutions)

Clothing, whether your forte or not, has a huge impact on our lives. Clothing affects your mood and behavior and has a vast impression on how others treat and view us as well. “Whether you like it or not, your clothing communicates.” This is to say, even before you open your mouth (verbal communication) you’re already stating so much by how you appear (physical communication).

Try putting on some lipstick or combing your hair. Iron out those wrinkles. PUT PANTS ON. Smile. Make sure your lighting is spot on and importantly, pay attention! What’s your clothing etiquette during a virtual meeting?

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