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Weights to Webinars

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It's mind blowing how we, as human beings, get so used to our normal routine and don't account for disruptions. In early March, just one month ago, I frequented the gym 5-6 times per week for a minimum of 1-1.5 hours a day. I'd start my day by springing out of bed for a 530 AM gym arrival, get my cardio and/or weights work out, shower, dress and be sitting at my office by 9 AM (Miami traffic takes up a lot of that time in between).  Mentally and physically, my 4'11 105 lb body adapted to this early wake up lifestyle, regardless of how tired I was, as my fuel to motivate, better myself, clear my mind, get my blood flowing and provide continuous energy throughout the day.

Wow and welcome to quarantime!  A time that has greatly changed everything we know or thought we knew. Not only are gyms and parks closed, socializing at someone’s home gym or even someone with just a few measly weights is not allowed due to social distancing guidelines.  Even our own cross fit loving City Mayor Francis Suarez was Covid positive causing an early closure for a

local gym in the benefit of the public’s interest.  Gyms house lots of people, touching, sweating and heavily breathing openly throughout and even though I’m not happy they temporarily closed, it was definitely necessary to flatten the curve.

So how has my schedule changed? I no longer pop out of bed to the 5 am alarm clock but awaken motivated to start my in-home workout by 8am prior to my 9 am work webinars. Workouts consist of squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, anything and everything I can do with my own body weight since I don't own any weights or resistance bands.  I’ve seen and heard many gyms and trainers are assisting their clients with various online platforms and have considered further investigation into those alternative work out options like Shred415, Zumba, pilates, cross fit, etc. - not sure if you want to add this if true or not but I thought it could tie in with our posts and you can also post about other gyms too.  These social work out platforms entertain our minds, bodies and socially helps us stay visually active with others.

Currently, it’s crucial for m

e to maintain an increased heart rate and keep my body accustomed to any movement even though muscles have muscle memory (yes, it’s a thing lol) the importance of maintaining a fit mind and body is ultimately my top priority.  The COVID-19 pandemic is just as important as a mental health pandemic and I cannot stress the exercise benefits in keeping one’s mind clear, at ease and free from feeling completely useless during this time. 

Webinars have become a huge part of my daily routine as might be true for you too but remaining mentally AND physically active, plus crafting a revised type of routine keeps us freshly replenished in this new socially distanced life is key. Ultimately, this is… new day to day regimen “norm” until we bid farewell to quarantime.

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